Men’s 2s League Meet 4 – 10th February 2019

Tom Ovenden (C)
Aayush Shrestha
Jonathan Wilkie
Matt Earl
Colin Tribe
Konnor Wingate
Daniel Docherty

Khaled Gholmieh & Peter Chandler

Game 1 – Birmingham 3s (15-3)
As always, Cov managed to screw everything up. Due to them not turning up, the whole schedule was in shambles and everything was in chaos. Thankfully, a rough schedule was sorted out and we were up against Birmingham 3s as our first game. As it turns out, they were so scared of us and Aayush, the self-proclaimed biggest member of dodge, that they only managed a team of 5 players. In order to give them a fair game, our captain decided to give away an easy catch as one of the first throws of the game, only to be caught back in by Dan, eager to make an impact in his first game. Turns out that was only the beginning for Dan, who went on to make multiple catches throughout the first half, leading to a decent 7-1 lead at halfway. Onto the second half, where the power couple of Matt and Dan, forged in the fires of the charity tournament, managed to win a set from a losing position, and our captain managed a hit from a two-handed throw, bringing about a 15-3 victory at full time.

Game 2 – Birmingham 3s (26-4)
Feeling comfortable after our first victory, ballboy Khaled reasoned that he didn’t need to ball retrieve as “it’s only Birmingham 3s”, nevertheless he managed to pull through. During the first half, a pattern emerged in which Colin, upon receiving the middle ball at the beginning of each set, would pin Birmingham’s main caller right on the toes. Into the second half, Jon decided to go solo and take out 4 out of 5 players within 30 seconds, with two catches and two hits. Ballboy Pete, realising Birmingham were at a disadvantage, decided to join in and throw balls at Jon from off court, which consequently bounced straight back to Birmingham. Wanting to beat our previous score from Birmingham, we pushed hard and managed a lovely win of 26-4.

Game 3 – Leicester 2s (13-11)
At this point, we were down to one referee as the other managed to dislocate her finger and went off to A&E, meaning that we had BOS 2 as our referees. Leicester was going to be a tough game, as they were one place above us in the table. But we were feeling good after two victories and were ready for them, despite Leicester having a full team and 4 subs (bit overkill if you ask me). Getting into the first set, the teams were evenly matched from the beginning. Even with Matt walking off court for an invalid that no one saw (good honesty, but unnecessary), we were drawing 6-6 at half time. In the second half, Matt and Dan repeated their earlier victory of winning a set from a losing position, and Jon managed to throw an invalid by accidentally dropping a ball only to have it roll over the middle line. After Leicester called a panicked time-out, the score was level at 11-11, with a very tense 60 second set to go. Both teams played very aggressively but unfortunately, the set was lost 5-4, and Leicester took the 13-11 victory.

MVP – For losing his league meet virginity with quick bursts of speed and ball catching skills, Dan Docherty is this week’s MVP.

Punishment Pints – Colin, Konnor, Jon and Matt all threw invalids, although no line pints needed from this league meet.

TL;DR – two victories against Brum (yay), a very close loss to Leicester (boo)

– Tom Ovenden

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