Men’s 2s League Meet 3

Tom Ovenden
Henry Spriggs
Zoë Wells
Jonathan Wilkie
Matt Earl
Jack Warren

Ball boys: Josh Keys and Peter Chandler

– Match 1 vs Coventry C –
The team started strong, thanks to Zoë carbo-loading with a large dominos pizza beforehand and ball-boy Keys downing a litre of milk. We quickly managed to retain all 5 balls and proceeded to show Coventry who the superior university are and at half-time, we were yet to lose a set. The second half continued our winning streak, with the captain throwing himself to the floor in dramatic fashion for a catch. Jon decided he wanted to take on Coventry single-handedly by aggressively faking on the middle line while everyone else stood at the back of court. We conceded one set to Coventry, just to give them something to celebrate, before winning the last few sets to finish the game with a lovely 18-4 victory.

– Match 2 vs BOS B –
The second game kicked off in hilarious fashion, with Spriggs ducking out the way of a ball and turning Keys from ball-boy to ball-girl. Matt E, not wanting Keys to be alone in his pain, decided to also take a dodgeball to the crotch in the same set. But this pain motivated Matt to take revenge on BOS as he took several catches in the first half. At half time, the score was level at 6-6. The second half led to a one-of-a-kind situation, with a member of the men’s second team encountering such bad period cramps that they had to lie down in the out box until they recovered. Due to the high level of catches made in the first half, we decided it was only fair to throw directly at the opposing team’s chests and give them some easy catches in return, resulting in the final score of 16-8.

MVP: for his incredible catches and putting up with Spriggs and his car games, Matt Earl is the MVP of this league meet.

TL;DR: we beat Cov, that’s all that matters.

– Tom Ovenden

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