Men’s 2nd Team – DNL (Meet 2)

Event: DNL (Meets 2)
Date: 14th February 2016
Location: Harris Purley Academy, South Croyden


  • Josh Garcia Hall
  • Anand Krishnan
  • Ben Moran-Wardle
  • Pete Leighton
  • Nathan Thompson
  • Will Couzens

Spirits were high after the last DNL success and with the line up looking strong and the fixture list in hand, the formerly known wheelbarrows were ready to reap havoc across the DNL table once again.

The Drive

In an attempt to sabotage all potential pre-match planning in fear of being overtaken in the table, the 1sts spread themselves across the cars, so fear stricken by the savageness of the mighty 2nds at last DNL, they went to the lengths of sending Rhys to London to intervene talks between Will “counter” Couzens and Anand “bounce pre throw, catch” Krishnan. Despite these futile attempts, the remaining 2nds had a cool head. We knew we were “IN THEIR HEADS” as we cruised passed a miserable looking boring James Cameron car early on down the M40.

Although the drive was long and there was fear of being late for registration, we calmly shaved the minutes off of the expected arrival time (on a totally unrelated side note I may or may not have a speeding ticket). Soon enough we had reached London and feeling pumped by the megamix CD, hand made by none other than yours truly, Ben and Pete decided to boast their tremendous biceps by a series of flexing and kissing motions to the innocent and unsuspecting female drivers behind us (odds on was admittedly more of a key factor in this). Cutting it fine, with just minutes to spare before the 12:00 registration deadline, we parked up at the Harris Purley “Academy”.

Turns out Rhys had been there all morning and registration was 12:30 anyway so there was no need to rush…

Match 1: Warwick Warriors II vs Imperial Wolverines I

Going into our first match, word spread of Will Couzens being involved in a minor car crash, was this all a ploy from the ones after stealing Jonny? Hope was almost lost… but then entered our OLD trusted, kind of good at dodgeball friend, Mr Alistair Kidson. Murmours among the crowd, calls of “who is he? “, “Is he up to it?”, “ Get back in your biscuit tin”.

As the first match began, Kidson felt confident out on the wing, taking the ball for himself he felt this was his opportunity to recall upon a younger self. The imperial throws came in whirling passed him as he strode forward, oblivious to the traps of the two balls behind him, still determined despite calls of “HOLDDD!!”, he knew this was the moment he had dreamed of since his departure from undergraduate life, his destiny…. he got caught.

Despite this, with some reply catches from Anand and pete, we quickly took the lead again and saw out the first match comfortably. With the arrival of Couzens, there was an even greater burst of energy supplied to the 2s, cruising through the next two games we managed to take them to 6-0. It was a great start but the next game was crucial. Feeling slightly nervous after the time out called from Imperial, the match restarted, Imperial quickly took the advantage, hits and catches were being exchanged until we found ourselves 5-2 down on court, just Nathan and JGH remained, with the crowd on our side, 2 solid prethrows came one after another, only 3-2 down now. Waiting for the right ball, JGH managed to pluck one out of the air, 3-2 up with just a few seconds to spare. 8-0 what a win! Imperial were in disbelief.

After that, it was a bloodbath, some great throws from Gerard and Pete, and with the catching machine that was Anand in the centre, the match was well and truly over.

Final score: Warwick Warriors II 14 – 0 Imperial Wolverines I

Match 2: Warwick Warriors II vs UCL Panthers

After a great performance earlier the confidence was carried on into this game. We stormed through the first 4 games, some great counters from either side, along with solid catching in the middle saw the 2s cruise into the win. 8-0

The next few games suddenly became very close, UCL seemed to get a second wind and after a few momentary lapses in concentration they managed to take a couple of games from us. Luckily with a couple of good catches from Pete we managed to secure some extra points with a final win.

Overall this was a solid performance, great throwing, great catching, job well done.

Final score: Warwick Warriors II 10 – 4 UCL Panthers

Match 3: Warwick Warriors II vs Winchester Bullets II

Going in to the final game everyone seemed a bit too calm, Winchy came out of the box fighting and they caught us off guard. A combination of good dodgeball from our opponents and some very dubious decisions from a certain Wessex wolves referee including an outrageous “hit” call on Pete and a couple of apparent “blocks” from winchy, we found ourselves 5-1 down.

A tactical time out, we took a knee. SPARTANS, WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION??!?! AOOO AOOO.

The game recommenced, the team demonstrated some fantastic dodge, Couzens making some vital hits, and Nathan taking multiple catches in the middle brought threw the game wide open and we managed to fight our way back to 7-5 up! In the last game, Winch came out strong, despite our best efforts and a few dropped catches ….the final game slipped through our fingers (literally).

A good results considering the bad start, some could say we were unlucky, but after some great dodgeball all day we were happy with the draw.

Final score: Warwick Warriors II 7 – 7 Winchester Bullets II

The Drive Home

I won’t bore you any longer, pete lost a “29” to 1 odds on to walk back from Beaconsfield services, obviously after seeing a sensational JGH all day the number 18 had stuck in his head ;).


Absolutely fantastic results, especially against Imperial, a great day of dodgeball, a massive well played to all the guys.

We now sit at an impressive 3rd in the table, tactically 20+1 points behind 2nd and 20+1 points away from 4th. Coincidence? I think not.

– Josh Garcia Hall (Men’s 2nd team player)

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