Men’s 1st Team – DNL (Meet 4)

Event: DNL (Meets 4)
Date: 12th March 2016
Location: Academy Sport, Reading


  • James Cameron (c)
  • Alex Folwell
  • Oli Hague
  • Akshay Shah
  • Adam Bowditch
  • Rhys Woodgate


Finally the day had come; Captain Cameron didn’t have to drive and Folwell actually turned up to a meet. Woo yeah excited!! The joy within was evident and it seemed to be infectious as all members that turned up to the church looked to be in a buoyant mood. The day promised to be a good one. (Leighton was late again. Classic.)

The journey was smooth, uneventful and rather pleasant. Everyone got there in one piece. This was the plan. The plan was executed to perfection. Jackanackanory!

On arrival the squad was met with the wonderful greeting of having to ref. What a fantastic way to start the day. Whilst refereeing a couple of the players noticed others leaning against the back wall. To the surprise of most it seemed as if the UKDBA had just decided to scrap the back line rule for the day, this presented a new obstacle for the Warriors to negotiate. With the officiating over the 1’s were able to start warming up for their first match of the day.

Match 1: Warwick Warriors I vs Winchester Bullets 1

After a first defeat of the season a fortnight ago the 1’s were looking to bounce back to the dizzy heights they were so used to. The match however did not start off well, seeing the bullets take to first period with relative ease. It was clear that the team required a bit of time adjusting to having no back lines. The tide then quickly turned as the boys decided to turn up. It ended up being a bit of a demolition job – arguably the best performance by the side all season. With multiple hits and catches from all members of the team (expect Folwell, he managed not to make a catch) the Warriors took the next games without really breaking into a sweat. The looks of despair from the opposition were clear to see. Excellent start to the day from everyone.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 12 – 2 Winchester Bullets 1

Match 2: Warwick Warriors I vs Winchester Bullets 2

(I can’t remember this match to be honest.) The 1’s continued their good work from the previous match and quickly established a large lead. Winchester 2’s probably deserved more than the 2 points they gained, they played very well but they couldn’t stop the freight train that is the Warwick Warriors 1’s. The only real memory of the match everyone retained was that there was a ginger guy in questionable attire and an attitude so bad that it wrinkled the nose more than the court clearing gases coming from Woodgate’s rear end; an impressive feat to say the least.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 12 – 2 Winchester Bullets 2

Match 3: Warwick Warriors I vs UCL Pumas

On paper this was going to be a simple match up, but once again UCL were up to the task of making the 1’s day frustrating. There was some clear complacency from all involved and this lead the team to drop 4 points. The annoyance came from the fact that the lads knew a 14-0 win would have taken the team to within 9 points of the leaders making the chase a little less tough. It is what it is.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 10 – 4 UCL Pumas

Final Thoughts

These results closed the gap to the leaders Wessex by 5 points, leaving them just 13 up the 1’s at the top of the table. Overall it was a great performance from everyone in this meet and one to take into the final meet and hopefully capitalise upon. The final match will probably be against Wessex once again and will turn into what is likely to be the title decider. ‪#‎westillbelieve‬ ‪#‎myglassisalwayshalffull‬


– James Cameron (Men’s Captain)

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