Men’s 1st Team – DNL (Meet 3)

Event: DNL (Meets 3)
Date: 28th February 2016
Location: Henbury Leisure Centre, Bristol


  • James Cameron (c)
  • Josh Keys
  • Oli Hague
  • Akshay Shah
  • Adam Bowditch
  • Steffan Flowers


It was a cold, cold, cold day. Once again after not being originally named as a driver the 2’s tried pulling another stunt with Garcia Hall pretending he has an issue with his car forcing Cameron to have to drive… again… for a third meet in a row. What a hero. Despite the lack of preparation for the drive and the frost covering the captain’s car, Cameron still managed to de-ice his car and arrive at the church in perfect time (according to the clock in his car, Robin – named after the best Indian never to play test cricket for his country, Robin Uthappa) to find nobody else there but a couple of keen bean freshers. Upon arrival a second act of sabotage was heard of with the planned late awakening of second team vice vice vice captain Leighton forcing reliable first team member Shah to take a detour and pick this slacker up.

With everyone in the respective cars, the squad set off on another long trip – this time to Bristol. The drive taking the boys a little too close to Wales for their liking An uneventful journey saw some excellent DJ-ing from Hague and even better singing from Couzens, voice of an angel (rumours are flying around suggesting he’ll sing on command – his speciality being High School Musical).

*Lots of driving on the same road*

After almost 2 hours of travelling the cars pulled up at Henbury leisure centre with ample time before the first match. Another fine example of the time management of the skipper. Good Job.

Match 1: Warwick Warriors I vs Warwick Warriors II

Coming off the back of a draw against the 2’s in the first meet, the 1’s were fired up and ready to take on their team mates again. A blistering start saw the 1’s take a comfortable 2-0 lead with some excellent catching from Shah and Bowditch. Suddenly Cameron decided to shock his fellow 1st team players by telling them to purposely get out and let the 2’s win the next two games. Loyal as they come, the team agreed and went along with these strange tactics. Trying to give off the impression that the 2’s were in the 1’s heads, a timeout was taken. Little did the 2’s know but it was in fact the reverse. The plan worked, the next 4 games were easily won by the 1st team seeing them reach an unassailable lead of 8-4. With Garcia Hall being pinged off the start several times, some notably good catches from Keys and some quite brilliant countering from Flowers saw the 2’s spiral into dismay. Cashback! Nobody cares about the 7th period ever. It was lost.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 8 – 6 Warwick Warriors II

Match 2: Warwick Warriors I vs Wessex Wolves

This hotly anticipated top of the table clash didn’t quite go to plan. Catches were being dropped left, right and centre. Hits weren’t being made, the boys were getting caught too much and making silly mistakes. All this lead to heads dropping and the team falling to a 12-0 deficit. As everyone knows, the 7th period matters the most – everyone picked themselves off, dusted themselves down and managed to take the final period. A frustrating match for everyone involved with Warwick, fortunately it doesn’t mean the end of the title hopes.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 2 – 12 Wessex Wolves

Match 3: Warwick Warriors I vs Portsmouth Purple Cobras A

The 2’s had just beaten Pompey 12-2. We decided to do the same. Done.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 12 – 2 Portsmouth Purple Cobras A

Final thoughts

With these results the team have managed to further cement 2nd place in the table, however the team has been gapped slightly, now being 18 points off top spot. It was a solid meet for the side taking a modest haul of 32. Thanks go to Josh Keys who performed very well despite only being told he’d be playing for the 1’s a few days previous to the meet. Warwick now should look forward to the final DNL meet before Easter, with the intent to pile pressure on the leaders Wessex.


– James Cameron (Men’s Captain)

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