Men’s 1st Team – DNL (Meet 2)

Event: DNL (Meets 2)
Date: 14th February 2016
Location: Harris Purley Academy, South Croyden


  • James Cameron (c)
  • Rhys Woodgate
  • Oli Hague
  • Akshay Shah
  • Adam Bowditch
  • Jonny Sloyan

With a meet scheduled for Valentine’s day there were bound to be numerous absentees from the usual squad that would be selected. This lead to the 1’s only having 5 available to play the night before the big day. But the Captain/2nd team manager/tactical genius/all round good lad James Cameron had a trick or two up his sleeve. It was noted that originally 7 were selected for the 2’s with Cameron anticipating he could guest a player in each match. A quick check of the rules and regulations showed that this was not the case and a backup plan had to be exercised. Luckily the skipper had a nice 2 hour drive to come up with said plan.

Arranged meet time: 10:00 at the church

9:58 – Cameron pulls up with Bowditch at the church to see Sloyan and
Thompson waiting. Excellent time keeping once again from the Captain.

10:00 – Hague turns up with 3 seconds to spare. Nice.

10:01 – After believing Cameron had tried to sabotage the 2nds in the previous meet, senior member Moran-Wardle looked to do the same by turning up late and preventing 1st team player Shah also from being on time.

10:02 – Garcia Hall and Pete turn up late (clearly another attempt to mess with the captain by more senior members of the 2nds).

With everyone at the church, the boys (and Rosie) set off on the long journey south. The dynamic duo of Bowditch and Sloyan were on top form when it came to choice of music – an interference plagued Radio 1 the whole way. The guys in Garcia Hall’s car can’t have been enjoying their drive half as much. The clock struck 12 (well 12:07) and both squads arrived ready to register before the 12:30 cut off point. Woodgate, the final member of the 1sts had been at the venue for hours claiming he went early to check out the hall conditions and to mentally prepare. This went over none of the boys heads, they knew it was because his leash wasn’t long enough to stay at home.


It appeared a backup planned had been devised. After a great session on Tuesday, Cameron decided to call up young hot shot Sloyan to the first team. Murmurs swept through the crowd. Is it too early? Is he ready? Who is that chips and gravy loving tramp? Nevertheless there was a sense of anticipation in the atmosphere – what could this enigmatic northerner do?

Match 1: Warwick Warriors I vs Winchester Bullets 1

Full of confidence from the previous meet the team were geared up and ready to face what on paper should be a tough match up. But then again as was proved last time, what should happen on paper doesn’t always follow through. The match saw the Warriors take an early 4-0 lead with great catching from Hague, Shah and Sloyan. The two sides then traded frames to make it 6-4 after 5. One more frame needed for the win. The 6th frame was a hard fought affair with catches and hits left, right and centre, this lead to a 1 on 1 situation between Woodgate and Winchester’s number 1. Cocky as ever due to his multiple last man wins, Woodgate began an assault on the Winchester player, not giving him a chance to take a catch or counter. Finally a ball had to be thrown at Woodgate, after a heart in mouth juggle a catch was secured taking the Warriors into an 8-4 lead. The boys closed out the final frame to take 15 points from their opening match of the day.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 10 – 4 Winchester Bullets 1

Match 2: Warwick Warriors I vs Winchester Bullets 2

Winchester 2’s like to catch…a lot. With the obvious danger of being caught, all the boys pulled through and gave it their all with each throw to comfortably take a 10-0 lead. After a blip in the 6th the team battled back to take a comprehensive win, making it 2/2 for the day. Back of the net.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 12 – 2 Winchester Bullets 2

Match 3: Warwick Warriors I vs UCL Pumas

This should have been the easiest match of the day, but as said before, things don’t always go exactly to plan. The lads made it extremely tough for themselves, giving away silly catches, dropping silly throws and being pretty idiotic overall. With the talent in the team, they managed to battle to a nice 10-4 win again, putting pressure on table toppers Wessex Wolves.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 10 – 4 UCL Pumas

Final thoughts

With these results the team have managed to retain 2nd place in the table just 5 points off top spot. It was a great meet for the side taking amassing 47 points in the day topping their performance from the previous meet. A special mention has to be given to Jonny Sloyan, who up until the day before didn’t think he was playing for the 2’s let alone the 1’s. He was excellent all day taking catches at vital times and generally being a great team player.

The next meet sees a top of the table between the Warriors and Wessex Wolves, this is not one to miss. Let’s hope the boys can carry their momentum from this meet to the next in a fortnights time.


– James Cameron (Men’s 1st captain)

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