Men’s 1st Team – DNL (Meet 1)

Event: DNL (Meet 1)
Date: 31st January 2016
Venue: Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hatfield 


  • James Cameron (c)
  • Rhys Woodgate
  • Oli Hague
  • Akshay Shah
  • Adam Bowditch
  • Steffan Flowers

Sunday saw the start of what hopes to be an extremely successful league campaign for the Warwick Warriors first team in the Dodgeball National League 1 South division. With a tasty matchup against the Wheelbarrows wetting the appetite of the side, it promised to be an exciting day ahead. With numerous injuries and the unfortunate dropping out of Alex Folwellthe night before due to illness the team had to cope with just the 6 battered and bruised players, so everyone had to push through and step up to the mark.

Everyone was on time (for once!) to the church in the morning and the teams were able to swiftly set off on the long journey ahead to Hatfield. Some absolute bangers were played on the way up – everyone in the skippers car stepped up with some fantastic song choices with Will Couzens leading the way choosing Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky an ambitious 3 times in a row, needless to say this went down extremely well. After a lovely drive the boys rocked up to the sports centre bang on time for the 12:15 registration (an excellent example of the Captain’s time management). But there was a massive wait for the first match which was scheduled for 13:50, 1hr 35mins after registration. Classic UKDBA.

Match 1: Warwick Warriors I vs Warwick Warriors II

Usually you’d expect a first team to comfortably beat their second, but this was not the case. A very close match ensued as both teams traded blows in each and every game. The seconds were clearly pumped and this showed with a very good game plan executed almost to perfection leading to them taking a large number of points away. Even with excessive Deep Heat on the side’s arms causing their muscles to be hotter than the sun, the 1’s were unable use their extra power to overcome the threat of the 2’s. Heading 7-5 into the final game the first team were looking to close out a win but with some timely catching from the seconds the match ended in a draw – arguably the right outcome considering the performances of both teams. Very well played.

Final score: Warwick Warriors I 7 – 7 Warwick Warriors II

Match 2: Warwick Warriors I vs Portsmouth Purple Cobras A

Over the last couple of years Pompey has been a very annoying team to face and it was no different this time around. The boys played very well throughout and easily saw off their opponents in the end but there were some very sticky situations along the way – the guys will probably be disappointed they didn’t pick up more than the 15 points gained, but at the end of the day it was a really good win and everyone should be happy.

Final result: Warwick Warriors I 10 – 4 Portsmouth Purple Cobras A

Match 3: Warwick Warriors I vs Imperial Wolverines I

This was a textbook performance if you ever saw one. On paper, a matchup between the two relegated sides from last year’s DPL should be seen as a close one. It was the exact opposite; the Warriors dismantled their opposition one player at a time showing their dominance with every second of the match that passed. Everybody made a frankly disgusting number of catches throughout, there was a clear confidence oozing from all the guys. No-one can fault the performance of any of the lads – brilliant from start to finish.

Final result: Warwick Warriors I 14 – 0 Imperial Wolverines I

With these results the team have managed to earn 2nd place in the table just 6 points off top spot. It was a fantastic meet for the side taking a huge haul of 43 points with everyone playing better and better throughout the day. All the boys should be massively proud of their performances and should look forward towards the next meet in February.

– James Cameron (Men’s Captain)

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