DPL – Meet 6

Event: DPL (Meet 6)
Date: 23th March 2014
Venue: New College, Leicester

As the final day of the season dawned, Warwick found themselves neither in the race for the title, or sucked into the mire of a relegation dogfight. Instead, they were playing for a highly respectable 4th spot which would see them finish as the highest ranked University team in the league. They started against title-contenders, Meteors who, together with the Dirty Ducks, were vying for top spot. In an attempt to aid the Ducks’ title charge, the Warriors were out to spoil the Meteor’s party.

And did so they did. In a seething and somewhat insidious game, Warwick successfully managed to rile up the Meteor outfit, manifesting into an early 5-1 lead. The quality of the Meteor line up dragged them back into contention however, and Warwick left the first game with a respectable 7-7, much to the whooping delight of the Dirty Ducks.

Second up were the Bedfordshire Bulls, a team transformed in recent weeks. In a furious flurry of a game, the two teams squared off in another pulsating 7-7 draw. Warwick president, Iain Barrett was the star of the show. He cut an imposing and intimidating figure at the front of the court, triumphing over his rivals on numerous occasions.

The Warriors’ final game of the 13/14 season was against the Jammy Dodgers. A win here would secure a 4th place finish. Alas, a dream top 4 finish wasn’t to be, as the Warriors slumped to a disappointing 12-2 defeat. It was an unfortunate way to finish what has been a marvellous DPL season. Congratulations must be given to Meteors, who stayed consistent throughout the day to beat the Dirty Ducks to the title crown and to pull the curtain down on what has been a thrilling and thoroughly entertaining season.


It seemed apt that Iain Barrett, in his last league match of his illustrious Warwick career, should finish on such a high. With deadly lethality, he bound around the court like a man possessed, pulling off some extraordinary plays. As he has done for the whole of the season, he spearheaded much of the team’s success and will be sorely missed next season.

– Oliver Hopkins (Men’s Vice-Captain)

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