DPL – Meet 4

Event: DPL (Meet 4)
Date: 9th February 2014
Venue: Caludon Castle School, Coventry

Week 4 was a tale of the 8-6’s. The second half of the season saw the fixture list repeated meaning that first up was a rejuvenated Reepham Raiders side, a team who have outperformed all pre-season expectations. Warwick, having been slight favourites in week 1, were now distinctly the underdogs. A steely performance from the men in red saw them edge the contest 8-6, but the match will not be remembered for its score line.

What happened halfway through this game was something out of a fairy tale, an act, so skilful and so monumentally rare that it will be passed down as folklore for generations to come (possibly). Targeted with two balls, Adam Bowditch dropped to his knees and extended both his arms as if baiting the balls towards him. This looked intentional, what we he doing? Surely he was going to get hit? But then, as if pulling them to him with some magnetic force, both balls lodged themselves firmly under either arm.

A double-catch. The rarest of phenomena. To contextualise this, a double-catch shares about the same rarity as a hat-trick in cricket. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, what followed was an absurdity. Bowditch then proceeded to make another double-catch in the following game. Back-to-back double catches – an unprecedented feat. The crowd erupted in raucous cheers, players and spectators looking on agape, unable to comprehend the pandemonium of the situation. This is the stuff legends are made of. Adam Bowditch, I salute you.

The following games slipped by almost without recognition. The Warriors secured a tightly fought 8-6 over Balls of Steel, thanks to a last-second hit from Cameron Panter, and then disappointingly succumbed to an 8-6 defeat against bottom-of-the-table Bullet Dodgers, despite the heroics of Jack Tabner.


In light of Bowditch’s astounding double-catches, it is testament enough that Jack Tabner was awarded the MVP award. He didn’t put a foot wrong all day, and on numerous occasions he almost single-handedly pulled Warwick from the jaws of defeat. Tabner’s best outing of the year thus far.

– Oliver Hopkins (Men’s Vice-Captain)

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